Teaching Aid

Chalkboard or whiteboard:

A chalkboard or whiteboard both will help you demonstrate and instruct the topic. The difference between them, the whiteboard are cleaner than the chalkboards .


Pointer is very essential teaching aid used for many purposes. Which is help you with pointing out some certain areas such as cities, rivers etc. on large, classroom maps, on overhead projectors and on your whiteboard or chalkboard.

Classroom maps:

Using classroom maps is a importent thing to explain the locality of cities, states, etc. The textbook also the maps but it is harder to read or understand for the studentes.Sometime the teacher ask to the students to find out the certain location in the textbook , very rare students raise her or his hand to find out the exact away but many student dose not find the location so the rest of the student miss out on lesson.

Overhead projector:

To have an overhead projector for the classroom is the excellent teaching aid, which is used overhead projectors as a substitute for large, hanging classroom maps. The maps can come in 8 and 11 and 1/2 or 8 by 10 sizes that can be projected into much,more larger maps than our whiteboard or white canvas in the front side of the room. These maps can often be drawn on by an erasable marker. In this case there is no need of the pointer .

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